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The Cool Ice Box Company are leading experts in Coolers. We are so good that we design our own!

If you are looking for a reliable, high quality, durable and intelligent design then our Nomad Cooler range will meet your every need.

Designed and purpose built to provide maximum cooling efficiency the Nomad Coolers can keep your contents cold for up to 10 day without power!

Going on a Family Picnic and want your drinks or sandwiches to feel like they have just come out of a refrigerator? Nomad and The Cool Icebox Company can provide you and your family with that satisfaction.

Big on Game and Big on Fishing? Try our Nomad Game Coolers. Our range of Game Coolers will keep your catch stored and fresh with over 600 Litre capacity. We offer a range of capacity and storage that will fit any catch on any boat by anyone.

Catering and Commercial Food Storage requirements? Take a look at our Nomad Commercial Coolers to ensure your food stock and your produce are kept at their optimum temperature for that just picked fresh quality. Or use heated for that oven to table temperature.

We even provide our own Nomad Coolers specifically designed and engineered for medical transportation and where constant and stable temperature demands are at their highest in the world.

With our industry leading design and our durable and long lasting performance choose Nomad.